Made in the Shade Denver

I’m going to just make sure that everything fits in properly so I install it there everything seems to line up these will ends will kind of close and lock but before I do that this is actually another part I want to do there is this trim piece that we have installed this little piece out.

There is a trim piece that we have installed in front but that also needs a little this little plastic clip so if we have to install first and these are what the little clips look like they just just look like plastic clips this faceplate will kinda get clipped up on top of this and.

If I can actually just show it like that and I’ll hold it you’ll see a little bit of the plastic holder in front but it’s clear so but the way you install it is you first just kind of slip these over and again there’s Mike This components in here you want to avoid so you want to place them some kind of out of the way of these little components both sides and.

Now we can go ahead and put put the blinds back up okay we go ahead and put it back it seems good I’m going to just clip these right now just like that you can remove them if you need to kind of test it out briefly make sure it works seems to work pretty well good hook it up be working nicely lock it and then let’s try the faceplate just flip it once flip it twice kind of Center it up and there you go seems to look pretty well and there you go the blinds are up functional nice I hope this video helped you out and good luck on your next project.

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