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If your car is only worth ten thousand dollars there’s no point in covering the uninsured property damage at fifty thousand you just want ten thousand dollars in case you have that happen those are the coverages to start with ignoring what the basics are the next level a lot of people do well.

I’d say about a fifth of the people that I talk to is fifty thousand a person a hundred thousand an accident and then thousand for property damage and in a side note maybe check the possibility of a hundred thousand for property damage okay if it’s only five dollars more do it because if you hit a BMW that’s fifty five thousand dollars and.

You have to come out of pocket five thousand dollars you’re not going to be a happy camper do the same thing for uninsured motorist fifty thousand a person hundred thousand an accident property damage whatever the value of your car is or whatever you’re comfortable having covered okay comp and collision that’s that’s only the car has nothing to do with you if you want to learn more please like the video if you liked it leave comments.

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I’m sorry if you don’t like the Lions but they’re awesome not really but but they’re they’re my hey let’s talk car insurance part what is car insurance well I’ll tell you car insurance protects you from a huge financial loss basically you pay a premium monthly usually to your insurance company and in exchange if you get into a wreck the insurance company will help you cover your losses car insurance includes three different types of coverage number one property which will pay if your car is stolen.

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